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Honolulu (May 2023), United States of America

Thirteenth International Conference on The Constructed Environment,

May 17, 2023 – May 19, 2023, University of Hawaii, M noa, School of Architecture.

Title of the conference: Innovation Showcase

“Geonomy And The Articulation Of The Built Environment With The Biosphere: How To Achieve Ecological Balance Of Life In Our Cities.”


Monterrey (April 2022), Mexique

Twelfth International Conference On The Constructed Environment ,

28-29 April 2022, University of Monterrey.

Title of the conference: 

“Urban Energy Planning And Design: Urban Morpho Energetic Analysis Applying The Theory Of Urban Relativity On Urban Data From Lab Vi Of The Innovation District And The City Of Montreal.”

Calgary (May 2021), Canada

Eleventh International Conference On The Constructed Environment ,

12-14 Mai 2021, University of Calgary.
Title of the conference: 

"New Urban Design For Adaptation To Climate Change Theory Of Urban Relativity : New Scale Of Territorial Planning Between Utopia And Scientific Reality."



Berkeley (November 2020), USA

Tenth International Conference On The Constructed Environment ,

02-03 November 2020, University of Berkeley.

Title of the conference:
"Methods For Generating Territorial Energy Indicators: Successfully Adapting Cities To Climate Change And Eliminating Smog Caused By Massive Urbanisation."


Paris (February 2019), France

World Design Summit , 21 Février 2019, Paris.
Titre de la conférence :
"Méthodes de génération d’indicateurs territoriaux énergétiques pour une planification stratégique des villes. Une nouvelle conception urbaine à faible impact climatique."


Montreal (October 2017), Canada

World Design Summit, 16 & 17 Octobre 2017, Montréal.

Titre de la conférence:

"Nouvelle conception urbaine selon l'acteur énergétique!"

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