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Why choose 
New Urban Design Technolgy?


Digital innovation of territorial analysis.

We offer a new concept of territorial analysis based on the establishment of territorial indicators to better represent and store the work of planners and implement digital applications of decision support to solve urban problems.


R&D and R&I.

Our scientific approach is to understand the city moving, facilitate administration and boost urban design to responsible planning, considering that human gathering in a city is still active. One of the characteristics of this human gathering is the capacity to move in a programmed and organized way in a city, but also in an intuitive way in nature, outside the city, and if and only if, one does not not use motorized transportation, but use our own physical capacity.


Application of Urban Theories.

What indicators territorial set up to guide strategic planning of our cities, taking into account the spatial management of cities, the urban population, urban components? How should this territorial organization be based on our key indicators to achieve sustainable development in the cities of tomorrow? We have written several theses on the subject and we have participated in events recognized around the world.



How to set the values of responsible planning in our communities? What are our objectives for achieving a responsible urban future by 2030? We will try to answer all these questions with our solution for a flourishing future!


Digital solutions

Our first Territory HeatUp project is part of the objectives of sustainable development and the fight against global warming caused by our cities.

We offer new methods of territorial analysis and a new digital conception of the smart urban project, on a human & metropolitan scale! The creation of the city of tomorrow! The design of the smart city!

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