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New Urban Design Technology
Responsible Town Planning

Town Planning

"town planning is a unique discipline, which regulates a human gathering in a built environment. A spatial organization according to the natural territories which constitute a welcoming environment for the techniques of urban design." Salima Bellili (2020)

Smart cities

"Urban design has undergone an evolution in parallel with the progress of science. The human living environment has gone from rural society to urban society, currently urban intelligence is switching our cities towards smarter cities." Salima Bellili (2020)


"Human intelligence and creativity are changing our lifestyles. Science and action research are revolutionizing basic research. New standards of life must exist to regulate the universe of the planet, education must follow this human progression."

Salima Bellili (2020)

Energy & Utilities

"Energy is one of the basic elements of life among others. Its presence is fundamental in our living environment, but consumption regulation is more than compulsory."

Salima Bellili (2020)


New Urban Design Technology offers revolutionary technological solutions for a new, smarter urban design. According to, the scale of the smart urban project of Our New Theory of Urban Relativity for smarter cities.

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